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Thursday, 12 May 2011

SLR Treat

Here are a couple of images i had to shoot for work using a beautiful SLR Camera. I cant remember the make or style, but was my 1st proper time using one, and loved it. Here are some of the results...

I am hoping soon to buy my own SLR camera. Any advice or just letting me know what anyone has would be of great help! i was looking at the Olympus Pen compact SLR and love it.

All images: my own


apple said...

Lovely photos! SLRs are great, I would definitely recommend.


Faridah said...

Great photos! SLRs are so much fun and the quality of the images are beautiful.

ANN said...

I don't recommend any Olympic SLRs, I had one that was 12 megapixels last year and my friend's Nikon SLR had like 6 megapixels and the quality was a million times better! I returned it. I don't know much about SLRs but that's based on my personal experience haha
Great pictures!

Izzy said...

SLR's are just AMAZING. I'm in love with my little SLR ahaha. Really sorry about the delay in replying to your comment, hopefully I'll be back to normal replying soon! Though I've managed to do a vlog in the mean time :)

carolina said...

great photos. <3

Lisa said...

I recommend the Panasonic GF-2 or GF-3 or G-3. Very similar to the Olympus PEN series, in that they are Micro-Four-Thirds cameras and not SLRs (smaller, lighter, but take pictures equal in quality to an SLR). The Panasonics are better quality, especially if having an electronic viewfinder is important to you (available on the G3) and more affordable. If you want an electronic viewfinder on the PENs, you have to buy it separate for over $250.
My G3 is coming in the mail soon!



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