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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Perfect Host ... described by Littlewoods

The Perfect Host

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Hosted a dinner party. Invited a group of friends around for an evening of wining and dining and cordial banter. To do it well requires thought and effort, and a willingness to challenge ourselves – not only in the kitchen with our culinary skills, but also with our hosting abilities. We need to be able to introduce strangers in the hope that they become friends, or know when to lead the conversation in order to keep things interesting. All the while making sure that everyone has everything they need, be it a full glass or a certain type of coffee sweetener.

A banquet fit for a king

After a considerable amount of planning, the day has finally arrived. In a few hours your guests will start to arrive. You’ve really pushed the boat out this time, and whilst a lot of the food preparation has been done already, there’s still some cooking to do after the guests arrive.

You are confident that the numerous courses you’re serving will amaze your friends, and you’re expecting many of them to announce that they didn’t think you had it in you. They’ll no doubt pester you for the recipes on their way out the door later.

The table is laid and looks fabulous – glasses, cutlery and crockery all sparkling like diamonds in the light. Your subtle floral centrepiece, duo of candlesticks and folded napkins, add colour and class.

An aperitif or two later, your cheery guests take their seats and await your first mouth-watering creation. Compliments come from every mouth – and that’s just on its appearance. Then, after a warm toast, they tuck in.

Clearing up the easy way

You’ve surpassed yourself. Everyone says so. Napkins are thrown down in capitulation, chairs are slid back, and stomachs are lovingly caressed as your guests express their admiration of your menu. You beam, and tell them it was nothing.

The kitchen looks like a war zone, but not for long. With the help of one or two friends, the plates and serving dishes, knives, forks and spoons, cups, saucers and glasses are all piled into your Littlewoods Indesit dishwasher. You switch it on and it quietly goes about its business. A large pot or two has to be done the old-fashioned way in the sink, but that’s okay. In no time at all, everything is cleared away, and you’re back with the group – the host with the most.

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