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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Life Drawing

In the summer of 2007 i attended a 6 week life drawing course. I gained invaluable experience on sketching and understanding the figure and human form. These are a couple examples of my work...

Drawing 1: we were given a maximum of 15 minutes to sketch the figure. Each aisle was placed seperately around the room, to provide completely differnent views of the model. The light which fell on the figure was all altered after every pose and position the model took. To create the sketch, i combined two methods one of which was 'Blind Contour' drawing. This is a very effective method in life drawing. This is when you don't look at the your page at all (covering it with another page if neccessary) and drawing the figure. The technique is to follow the outline of the figure very very slowly. As your eyes almost trace the figure, your pen or pencil moves with it. It is incredibly effective. Here i used a black fine line pen.

For this drawing we were again, given 15 minutes to produce a watercolour painting of the model. We were restricted to using only water and the sam colour paint to create the figure and all shadowing.

This is an example of blind contour drawing. I originally drew the outline of the figure using this method then looked at the page and went from here, altering sections to a more accurate proportion and adding shading.

I found this a very interesting excersise. We were given newspapers and magazines to create a collage image of the model, once again using the same materials to create shadow.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Street spotlights

here I have posted a collection of photos that i have taken at various times and in various places when just walking down the street and am 'dazzled' by the sights.

These were taken when on holiday in Portugal...These blazers were handmade in a little boutique in the city centre

Coolest reggae bar

German Market in Leeds city centre

New York. A week trip with Stanmore college art and design class.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Trend predictions for Autumn/Winter 2010

These are a selection of pages from an ongoing group project. I have researched, from various sources, into many trend predictions for Autumn/Winter 2010. We were required to relate selcted trends to our designer, who is Junya Watanabe.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

York beauty

When taking a day trip to york, i took these photoghraphs as source of inspiration.
Cute little boutique in high street

In an alley...

In Kath Kidson store...

Photographs taken inside The Minster

Monday, 9 November 2009

Fabric Board

This is a fabric board i have produced with another fashion student in our most recent teamwork project. Fabrics are selected based on their similarity to the designer we a studying. We are looking Junya Watanabe's collections and his use of fabrics.

here my team mate and i recreated the same fabric board to a much simpler design and layout. Here the fabrics can be handled and understood.

This is a more finalised version of the fabric board...

A fabric board created last year by myself and two other design students. This board was to express the knitwear range of fabrcis for the store Diesel.

Celebrity obsessed

Victoria Beckham

noone can deny she is fabulous! she shows her beauty in the Elle magazine October 2009 issue

Giorgio Armani Underwear Ad Campaign black white photo shoot.

Images taken from http://ucarmagazine.com/?cat=159

Lily Allen
cover girl of i-D magazine August 2009 issue.

Own photograph from gig in Leeds

cover girl of UK Glamour magazine March 2009 issue

page of Bust magazine April/May 2009 issue

Images taken from http://ucarmagazine.com/?cat=257

Cheryl Cole
Vogue Magazine February 2009

Kylie Minogue
2010 Official Calendar Pictures

Images taken from http://ucarmagazine.com/?cat=183

Cay's Crays - Fat Freddys Drop The Pot - Tool Colours - Calvin Harris Transformation - Beauty & the Beast Dark Days - Fat Freddy's Drop Once More With Feeling - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Fight for this Love - Cheryl Cole Friend of Mine - Lily Allen Bedroom Eyes - Natty (All of Natty really!) Candy - Paolo Nutini Like a virgin - Glee version lazy song Original - Bruno Mars ALL Amy Winehouse Do it like a dude (o yea) - Jessie J sunrise - Simply red heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez Jessie J style video Bright lights Bigger city - Cee Lo Green

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